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STEP 4. Share Your Own Views

You have reached that last and final step in our process

After all that work you’ve put in, now is when you can make the most impact. It’s time to share your views with your Members of Congress about ending surprise medical billing. This is the most meaningful step that you committed to when you joined CommonSense American because this is when Congress hears directly from you.  When thousands of us do this, we increase the chances that common sense on this issue prevails in Washington. 

Your views are especially valuable because you know the issue. We’ve been talking to Members of Congress and their staff. As you can imagine, they find the hundreds of form letters and robo generated emails more annoying than helpful.  They are excited to instead hear your authentic, personal message. 

Surprise billing is an issue where Members of Congress want to get something done that their constituents want. Please engage constructively and collaboratively.  No need for rock throwing. Most of us have strong feelings that surprise billing should end. The more you can thank them for their bipartisanship and tell them the approach you think will work best, the more we can help them get a reasonable solution passed.  If you or someone you know has had an experience with surprise billing, they are also interested in hearing about that.

Members of Congress have also expressed an interest in hearing from you about whether now is the right time to act.  Some medical providers have suggested that this change not be made now amidst everything else they are dealing with during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Others, like patient groups, have suggested that the pandemic makes it even more important that Congress end surprise bills soon.  Given the pandemic’s economic impact, they argue, most Americans aren’t in a position to absorb a bill they didn’t know about or consent to.    

Contact Your Members of Congress

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