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Rural Healthcare Access

TelehealthHealthcare is becoming increasingly difficult to access in much of rural America. The core of the problem is attracting enough doctors and other healthcare professionals to work there. Proposals to address the problem that are drawing bipartisan interest include:

  • Invest More in Training—Increase funding for rural area residency programs for doctors and training for physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and nursing assistants and for other incentives to take jobs in rural areas
  • Enhance Rural Telehealth Options—Extend the relaxation of regulatory limits on the use of telehealth services that began during the pandemic as well as invest in the required infrastructure (like broadband internet) and equipment, in part so that general practitioners, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, etc. can consult effectively with specialists in urban areas
Congressional Rank: 8th
(6.0 Average Rank across participating congressional offices)