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Congressional Issues Poll

Top 10 Promising Bipartisan Issues for 2023

We developed the list of the most promising bipartisan issues below based on our meetings with more than 40 congressional offices.

Please drag and drop the issues to rank them from the most to least promising in your perspective. We define promising as the best combination of:

  • Achievable—There are proposals in that issue area with sufficient bipartisan interest to possibly pass this year
  • Meaningful—The solutions that could pass would make a real difference in everyday Americans' lives

Your rank order is confidential.

  • Farm Bill Reauthorization
  • Career Connected Learning
  • Technology Privacy
  • Opioid (including Fentanyl) Crisis
  • Mental Health
  • Immigration Reform
  • Rural Healthcare Access
  • Small Business Support
  • Permitting Reform
  • Healthcare Transparency and Competition