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CommonSense American Regional Ambassador

Job Description

As we approach CommonSense American’s (CSA’s) fifth anniversary, our more than 60,000 members can be genuinely proud of the impact we’ve already had.  To deepen and scale CSA’s impact, we’re creating new member leader positions. Ultimately, we aim to have six Regional and 50 State Ambassadors who will come from the ranks of CSA members. We will start with Ambassadors for each of six regions of the country. We aim to have a mix of party affiliations among our Ambassadors that reflects the nation and its regions and states.

CommonSense American Ambassadors’ work is divided into two major categories:

  • Engaging Congress—They will help extend and deepen our impact in Congress. Working closely with CSA staff, they will help schedule and conduct congressional briefings on our issue brief results. In fact, Ambassadors will lead CSA congressional briefings in many cases.
  • Engaging Members—Ambassadors will help grow the number of members and deepen member engagement, including by involving them in congressional briefings.

These positions are part-time and highly flexible in terms of scheduling. Ambassadors are expected to average about 10 hours per week, but the actual amount in any given week can adjust significantly according to the work and other demands on Ambassadors’ schedules. Regional Ambassador’s will receive a $1,000 per month stipend. State Ambassadors will be a completely voluntary role.

Regional Ambassador Roles and Responsibilities

  •  Participate in approximately 8-12 calls per year with CSA staff and other Regional Ambassadors. These calls could be as often as twice per month during the height of congressional briefing season. At other times, we might go two months without a meeting. These calls are designed to prepare for and organize congressional briefings and learn from each other’s success in building the program.
  • Schedule and conduct congressional briefings for the offices of Members of Congress from their region on results from issues briefs. These congressional briefings will review the results page on the website that CSA develops. The first briefings will be conducted in partnership with CSA staff. CSA will provide congressional contact information and other resources for effectively scheduling briefings.
  • Complete short online reports after each Congressional briefing and short general feedback reports to help CSA build the Ambassador program.
  • At least initially, serve as the State Ambassador in their own state to help understand and shape the role.
  • Help recruit and support one additional State Ambassador in their region to be active beginning in the fall of 2023.
  • Lead approximately 4-6 calls per year among the State Ambassadors within their region.
  • Lead and support State Ambassadors in the region generally.

CSA Membership Regions

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Membership By Region

Membership RegionsMembership Count
Far West9,671
Upper Midwest13,053
North East8,496
Mid Atlantic8,404
South East11,574

Application Form

We kindly invite applications from individuals who are CommonSense Americans for this job opportunity. To apply, please log in to your account.