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You are now a CommonSense Ambassador

Our country has never been more divided, and that is why this work is so important. Thank you for your willingness to help bring common sense to Washington.

Discuss Career Connected Learning with Other CommonSense Americans

We invite you to connect with other CommonSense Americans to discuss career-connected learning. This is an opportunity to exchange views with a small and politically diverse group of fellow Americans who, like you, are committed to engaging our differences constructively. Would others with different views find your thoughts interesting? Would you find their views thought-provoking? Might you discover that there is already more agreement among us than the media and some politicians want us to believe? Find out by joining 5-7 other CSA members in one of the facilitated online video conversations we are now offering to those who have reviewed the brief.

Join a CommonSense Conversation

Additional Ways to Help

If you are looking for additional ways to help this effort grow, here are three things you can do.


The majority of our funding comes from member donations. We use donations to cover our costs for member recruitment and producing the briefs.