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Election Reform Passes !

By February 16, 2023April 19th, 2024CommonSense News

On Thursday, December 29, President Biden signed the 2023 Consolidated Appropriations Act into law, which contained a change to the Electoral Count Act. The Electoral Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act (ECRA) updates the previous Electoral Count Act of 1887.

Congress vote count:

  • Senate: December 22, 2022,  68–29
  • House: December 23, 2022,  225–201

This passage now makes us an incredible 3-for-3 in Congress!

Senator Susan Collins (R – Maine), Senator Joe Manchin (D – West Virginia), and others recorded videos thanking you for your outstanding contributions to bringing common sense to Congress.

Some key details of the legislation:

  • Clarification of the Role of the Vice President: The constitutional role of the Vice President, as the presiding officer of the joint meeting of Congress, is ministerial. They do not have any power to solely determine, accept, reject, or adjudicate disputes over electors.
  • Slate of Electors: “Choice of electors must occur in accordance with the laws of the state enacted prior to election day.”

For more information on H.R 2617 click here.

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